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Competition Dance Team Auditions Durham NC

2024-2025 Season Competition Team Auditions!


Competition teams are divided by ages and ability level. All ages will audition with Ballet and Jazz techniques. We highly recommend at least one year of training before auditioning.

Competition team is for dancers looking to take their training to the next level and are looking to commit extra time to dance. Please read through our 2024-2025 season handbook for our expectations for our competition dancers.

Auditions will be held on May 21st at DDC.

AGES 5-7 AUDITION 4:00-4:45PM

AGES 8-11 AUDITION 5:00-6:00PM

AGES 12-18 AUDITION 6:15-7:15PM


Sign up for auditions using the links below.


What to expect for the audition?

Dancers will learn basic technique combinations and across the floor progressions during the audition. Dancers will start with Ballet and finish with Jazz.


What to wear?

Dancers should come dressed to impress! We want to see dancers with neat hair, pulled away from their face. They should wear proper dance class attire (leotard and tights, fitted tank top and leggings, etc.) Ballet and Jazz shoes are recommended but not required.


What is required of competition team members?

Competition team dancers are required to be enrolled in 2 classes at DDC:

  1. Their competition team classes

  2. A ballet technique class for their age group (ex. a 5 year old dancer might be in our youngest level team and take our Mini Ballet/Tap combo class). Additional technique classes are always encouraged, but not required. Please read our handbook for details. 


Competition team dancers will compete in 2 local competition in 2025 as well as participate in the Spring Recital. Other local performance opportunities may arise throughout the season (ex. tower lighting, parades, etc.)

All dancers who accept their position on the 2024-2025 team will be required to attend our Summer Intensive week July 8-12 2024. 

Ages 5-7 3:30-4:30pm | $125 for the week

Ages 8-11 4:30-6:00pm | $175 for the week

Ages 12-18 6:00-8:00pm | $225 for the week


When will you know your placement?

Dancers will find out their placement via email no later than a week after their audition.

When are the required competition team classes?

SPARKLERS TEAM (~ages 4-6)​

  • Mondays 4:30-5:15pm- Sparklers Jazz class & choreography (to be performed at 1 competition and recital) $65/month

  • Dancer’s choice of 1 other recreational class (class must have ballet) $70/month


  • Mondays 4:45-5:45pm- Firecrackers Ballet & Tap technique (will perform a dance in recital in each style) $70/month

  • Mondays 6:00-7:00pm- Firecrackers Jazz technique & choreography (will perform at 2 competitions and recital) $70/month

  • OPTIONAL Mondays 7:00-7:30pm- Firecrackers Lyrical choreography (will perform at 2 competitions and recital) $55/month

DYNAMOS TEAM (~ages 12-18)​

  • Tuesdays 5:30-6:45pm- Dynamos/Teen Ballet & Tap technique (will perform a dance in recital in each style) $80/month

  • Tuesdays 7:00-8:00pm- Dynamos Jazz technique & choreography (will perform at 2 competitions and recital) $70/month

  • OPTIONAL Tuesdays 8:00-8:30pm- Dynamos Lyrical choreography (will perform at 2 competitions and recital) $55/month

What if I cannot make the audition day?

If you are unable to attend the audition, private auditions are available by appointment only. Please use the form at the bottom of this page to inquire about setting up a private 30 minute audition time. Private audition fee is $40. Private auditions may be held until June 30th, 2024.

Do you offer solos, duets, or other special dances?

Yes! Dancers will be able to opt in to consideration for solos, duets, trios, etc. for the season when they register for auditions. Please know that opting in to this is not a guarantee that an extra dance will be offered to your dancer. Read our handbook for more info on extra dances. 

Any other questions? Fill out the contact form below!

We will be in touch soon!

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