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APRIL 29 - MAY 4

Dancers will take group photos during their normal class times this week. Please follow the schedule below for your dancer's photo time and what costume they need to wear for their photos.


1. We are not holding dance classes this week- ONLY PHOTOS! Pictures will be taken at DDC! Parents are invited to watch the photo shoot from the TV in the lobby.

2. You will arrive dressed and ready to go (hair/makeup done and costume on) during your normal class time. For costume, hair & makeup details- check out your class portal! We recommend bringing your whole garment bag, extra makeup, hairspray, bobby pins, etc. to the photo shoot in case of any emergencies! Make sure your dancer has all of their required shoes as well!

3. Each class will take 1 group photo. Every dancer will receive a FREE digital download of the edited final group photo.

4. After the group photo is taken, we will be offering individual photo sessions. Click here for info on individual photos!

5. Dancers may go home after their pictures are complete! No need to stay after the group photo if you do not plan to get individual photos. 


Group photos will be displayed in our hallway Hall of Fame! 

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3:30-4:30 Mini Ballet

4:30-5:00 Sparklers Competition Team

5:00-6:30 Junior Jazz

6:30-7:15 Firecrackers Competition Team

7:15-8:00 Teen Jazz & Musical Theater

8:00-8:45 Teen Hip Hop & Contemporary


3:15-4:00 Micro Mini Ballet

4:00-5:15 Competition Team Solo & Duet Pictures

5:15-6:15 Junior Hip Hop

6:15-7:30 Teen Ballet & Tap

7:30-8:15 Dynamos Competition Team

8:15-9:00 Competition Team Solo & Duet Pictures


3:30-4:15- Tot/Micro Hip Hop

4:15-5:15- Junior Ballet

5:15-6:00- Micro/Mini Hip Hop



4:30-5:30- Mini Tap

5:30-6:15- Tot/Micro Hip Hop

6:15-8:00- Competition Team Solo & Duet Pictures



9:30-10:15- Tiny Tot Creative Movement

10:30-11:15- Tot Tap

11:30-12:15- Micro Mini Ballet

individual photo.png
Individual Photos


1. Purchase your individual photo session for $18 BEFORE your photo shoot day (dancers who do not purchase their sessions ahead of time, are not guaranteed a time slot to take photos).

2. Take your photos! Your dancer will stay after their group photo time and take their individual shots.

3. You will get proofs back of your dancer's images and will be able select the photos you want after the photo shoot.


4. Select your photos! Each photo session includes 1 FREE edited photo, but you may choose to purchase any additional edited pictures for $12 each.

*Each individual photo session is for 1 costume! Additional individual sessions can be purchased for more than 1 costume or grouping of people. (Example- I have 2 costumes- ballet & tap. I want an individual in both costumes, so I purchase 2 photo sessions.)*




  • Dancers will do 3-5 poses during their individual session.

  • No refunds are given for your session fee if you are unhappy with the results. 

  • These sessions are great for a single dancer, a couple of friends, or siblings! Please know that we are not able to split session fees/additional photo costs between families if you plan to get photos taken with a friend.

Purchase your Individual Photo Session below!

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